All Natural Soy | Non-gmo | Vegan | Handmade

Sizing Chart

1.75 oz. Mini Mason
  • Perfect for trying new fragrances

  • Special event favors / custom giveaways

  • Approximate Burn Time of 12-14 hours

3 oz. Mason Traveler
  • Perfect for small spaces or on the go

  • Approximate Burn Time of 18-20 hours

8 oz. Mason Jar
  • Old school versatile container

  • Approximate Burn Time of 48-50 hours

16 oz. Double Wicked Cube
  • Double wicked for extra fragrance throw
  • Premium Home Decor glass
  • 50-60 hour burn time
Karma Cubes
  • Flame-less soy wax product

  • Used with ceramic warmers

  • Perfect for the office or households with children/pets

  • Melted wax can be poured back into the cube container when you want to change out fragrances

Fragrance Oil Refill
  • Brings your Karma Cubes back to life

  • 1 oz. Refill = 6 packages of Cubes = Huge cost savings and less waste!

2 Oz. Instant Karma Room Spray/ Air Freshener
  • Perfect for when you need it fresh fast!

  • Portable & Convenient